Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A new Closet

A new apartment in Stockholm, and a new closet to work in.

Not so much a closet really, but a storage area in the building's basement. A shelving unit on the left houses our Christmas ornaments, camping gear and other sundries, leaving the right side as a workspace. There is no available power down here, so I will need to do something about lighting. Hand tools make sense in a space like this!

The workbench is made of material salvaged from the previous workspace sort of haphazardly thrown together during the moving preparation. I've got some work left to do on it, and need to organize my tools better. The toolchest is resting on my sawbench in the back there, and is somewhat accessible. Lumber storage will have to go to the left of it a bit there. I think this space can work.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Small bookcase pt. 5

The little bookcase is coming along now. The joinery could be a tad tighter, but it is already getting put to use.

I started smoothing all the outside surfaces, again using the threshold as a planing stop.

I also needed to make the bottom skirt, so started by shooting a smooth end on the board I'd marked off the bottom shelf with.

I marked the length with a knife, and then sawed it to length and fine tuned it with the shooting board.

then I glued it into place, and planed it flat with the sides.